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Since installing CCleaner Browser, really like it, except......slowed everything down markedly, on both computers installed on.  Both are Windows 7 machines, one Pro, one Home.

When starting up after cold start, I check Task Manager and find that in Processes, CCleaner64 appears, but not browser.  When I open CCleanerBrowser, it opens  CCleanerBrowser.exe multiple times (right now for instances, it shows 16 instances (in Processes), using a variety of memory sizes between 1,800 to 54 K + and everything between.  Trust me, I didn't open Browser 16 times!  In fact was careful to only open it once.   The other computer, an older laptop, is virtually unusable if CCleanerBrowser is running at all.  This computer, much newer is severly limited.  In TaskManager under Applications it only shows up as running once.

Thanks for the help.

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Multiple processes showing in Task Manager are normal for a Chrome/Chromium browser. (and Firefox browser as well).
Components are opened as separate processes so that if one, say a webpage or an extension, crashes then it doesn't crash the whole browser.

Whether you see them all or just see one entry depends on if you have expanded the entry or not.

See the screenshot in the first post here which shows the Chrome processes expanded:
(If the list wasn't expanded it would just show the first line (with the arrow turned 90 degrees), ie.  "> Google Chrome (33)"

(PS. CCleaner64.exe is the cleaner not the browser. It will be showing after a boot because you have 'Smart Cleaning' enabled).

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Sorry, I didn't talk about the slowness which is your main issue.
Here are few things to look at:

When CC browser is running how much CPU percentage does task manager say it is using overall?
(see below).

Are you only seeing a slowdown when using CCleaner browser?

What is the speed like if you Close CC browser then open exactly the same webpages in 'old' Edge or the new Edge Chromium? (If you have those on your Win 7) or Internet Explorer?
How much of the CPU are they using?

With CCleaner browser closed check the task manager to see if something else is using a lot of CPU or disk access.

Many things can cause a computer to run slowly, for example:
Webpages with lots of video or frequently updated content can slow things down.
A slow internet connection for some reason.
Something running in the background. (You AV or Windows Defender running a background scan, Windows Update, Windows Defragmenter, etc.,etc.).
Not forgetting the age of the computer itself, programmers can tend to use all the features of newer hardware and so older CPU's and graphic chips may struggle to run with newer apps.

To give an example of how a particular webpage can slow things down- This is Firefox not CC browser, but it gives the idea and you can see here that as I was typing this it was using a total of 9.2% CPU in six processes.

If I then open a new tab and start to play a video in Youtube Firefox will open another 2 processes and the CPU usage will jump up to 48.5%, it also starts accessing the internet to stream.


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