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Automatic Updates for CCleaner Professional

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I like CCleaner and have found it useful in my work and home systems. I got a renewal message renewed and downloaded the latest version. Ran CCleaner was told there was an update to my renewed software and was asked to spend more money to get the renewal. Question. I downloaded what I thought was the newest version of the software and paid for it gladly. So why when I click on "check version " am I told an updated version is avaiable and am now dinged again for more ?





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You do not have to pay for CCleaner version updates, there is just a yearly subscription for the Professional version features and premium support by email.

Once you have paid for a subscription and registered your key then you can go to Options>Update and set CCleaner to 'Apply these updates automatically' for regular Product version updates. (and also for 'Important Updates', which are very rare).

Alternatively you can have it set  to 'Perform these updates manually' so that you apply the update yourself at a time to suit you.

You can even just go to the CCleaner download webpage and simply download/install the latest free version, - when you install that free version it will recognise that you already have a Pro version with a valid licence key and so will install as the latest, updated, Pro version (at no further cost).

If you have paid for more than one licence key by mistake then you need to contact the support team, explain what has happened and they should be able to refund the extra that you have paid.
You can contact them using the form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com

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