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OOKLA Speedtest bug?

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I have CCleaner Free V5.66.7716 (64 bit) and I use Custom Clean with settings as shown on the 2 attachments – Windows settings and Application settings.

I have recently switched from using Google Chrome as my browser to using Microsoft Edge as my default browser.  

I have noticed that CCleaner deletes the Log In information for OOKLA Speedtest on Edge but not on Chrome even though I have ticked “Remember me”.

Do I need to change the CCleaner settings for Edge or is there a bug in CCleaner?

CCleaner Applications screen.gif

CCleaner Windows screen.gif

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Just to note that the ticks/unticks are only respected by Custom Clean.
If you use Health Check then it does it's own thing and ignores anything that you have ticked/unticked.

Looking at your screenshots I see that you have 'Cache' and 'Cookies' set to clean for EDGE (both old and new edge) but not for Chrome.
That will be what is making the difference.
Whether you are logged into a site or not is usually saved as a cookie, if you clear that cookie then you will be logged out.

Run Ookla and then in CCleaner look at Options>Cookies for any Ookla cookies and move them to the 'Cookies to Keep' side.
CCleaner will then leave them alone.

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