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Skip C

CCleaner cleanup crashes=Mojave/Catalina

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This current version when released last year, I had osMAC Mojave. it started with current version (1.17.603). the cleaner portion of the program crashes before it reaches 100%. Now I have osMAC Catalina since October, 2019 and it stills continues. The pull down menu from FILE and EDIT doesn't even pull down. This version with Mojave and Catalina. I have the Pro version. I have been nagging support to look  into this since last year.

Crash Report 5-14-2020.docx

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Hi Skip,

I have this same problem.  I just got a new iMac with Catalina and CCleaner crashes every once in a while while cleaning or analyzing.  It also doesn't clean out the log files.  Also, continue to get the NAG notice about Safari.  I thought they had corrected that for this version.  It's nuts that we can't get this stuff worked on.  I'm using the free version, but it still shouldn't be crashing. I have version 1.17.603 also.  I did have the pull down menu, until I did the first clean.  Now it comes down but everything is grayed out and it won't let me quit.


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