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Software updater (Pro) of computer software


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In the pro version, the feature Software program updater of all of my installed computer program software never finds any software that is out of date. Unlike Glary Utilities which found all of my out of date program software to update. Is there a setting that I am missing?

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Different update checkers will have/use different lists of what software to check for updates.

Whilst most updaters will check for all of the most commonly used/widely used software, some updaters will have bigger lists of what to check than others have.

The updater has to check what software you have installed on your machine, then check if it's on the updaters internal list, if yes then check what version you have installed, then check if there is a newer version on the web.

So it's a trade off - the more you have to check then the longer it's going to take to check them all.

Software updaters don't check the whole web for updates that would take too long, they just check one (or maybe two) software distribution sites.
(I believe that CCleaner checks against Filehippo for updates).

No software updater can cover every single application out there, there are billions of applications on the web.

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