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I have a problem with the CCleaner Cloud version, when defragmenting a large file (20GB) hosted on an external hard drive, when I cancel it, there are bad sectors in the drive, located where the file in question is. Cancellation of defragment break sectors on the hard disk surface.

Bad Sector founds: 1575

Error SMART: C5 - Current pending sector count

Could you fix this bug?

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6 hours ago, MrA said:

Hey @Sirio, thanks for getting in touch. 

This is not something that we have seen before. Is this something that happens with the desktop version of Defraggler?

Sorry Yes,

I got confused, I thought it was the version I installed, but it was the old desktop version, the web version does not cause this problem? I will use it more often.

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9 hours ago, Dave CCleaner said:

The CCleaner Cloud versions of Defraggler and Speccy are rather more up to date than the stand-alone consumer versions 😉


So people who buy the Defraggler and Speccy standalone versions do not get up to date versions ?

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