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Ccleaner on startup and won't close

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Been using CCleaner for years (on Mac and Windows) without issue. Really liked. Decided to buy the professional version. Complete mistake. NO extra features and worse, CCleaner is now a virus on my macbook pro that I cannot disable. Under options, there isn't a "Monitor" section to disable it on startup. 

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You originally posted this in an old thread, which is why you can't see any 'Monitor' - the name 'Monitoring' has been changed some time ago.

Go to Options>Smart Cleaning and untick 'Enable Smart Cleaning' in the options.

Once you have done that then CCleaner will no longer run in the background 'monitoring' for a build up of junk.

The extra Pro features on Mac are: more control over Smart Cleaning, automatic updating, and of course the ability to raise priority support tickets direct with Piriform.

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