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Shutdown after defrag while in progress

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Thanks for fantastic product, as I use defraggler extensively.

Seems like a bug.

First time I used shutdown after defrag. The next morning, as part of the moving Users folder I run PC using Knoppix pendrive and linux complained that cannot access defragmented drive as MFT versions was not consistent. Without touching anything I rebooted into Windows 10 and found that:

1. I have a message window in focus that another user is logged in and do I agree to shut it down. (After some time hibernation kicked in).

2. After I clicked cancel, Defraggler was finishing defragmenting. This can explain why MFTs was inconsistent.

3. I hit defrag again and as shutdown was still checked, after some time it showed me shutdown message and when I clicked cancel defraggler was still doing something (green and yellow dots flashing). 

Details: HP Z800 samsung 500GB HDD Defraggler 2.22.995 x64 Windows 10 Pro x64



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