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Same thing is happening to most users. It shows a 2.5" Samsung 860 EVO SSD as a HDD & the Seagate RAID0 6TB is a pair of 3.5" 3TB 7200rpm HDD's that it thinks are a SSD! Was same with Pro version & when reported to Piriform, I was simply given a refund & my serial number cancelled! That meant the other applications I wanted the Pro functions from were also restored to the free versions with the limitations of the free apps.

With how successful CCleaner is you would have thought Piriform would have kept the same standards with the other applications. Speccy also has major detection issues also.

I am now looking for other solutions to the Piriform applications as if they aren't bothered about fixing known bugs that have been reported numerous times in the paid software as well, then why continue to use them at all?


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They seriously need to update their other tools, they keep saying they'll eventually get around to them since CCleaner gets most of their attention.


Depending upon how a drive is formatted such as a USB Flash Drive it's easy to also fool Windows 10 into reporting one as an HDD.

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