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I have enabled the ccleaner browser ad blocker, plus I have Ghostery, plus I have a VPN, but I still get a minimum of 66 trackers every time I go online. Even after I clean them out, when I first boot up I still have 60 or more trackers before I even get started. Is there a way I can eliminate the trackers? Thanks for any and all help.


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I use CCleaner and the Health Check. And it does a great job of deleting them. My problem is that I get too many of them. I can do all my cleanups and shut down my computer, and the next day, when I boot it up, there are 66 trackers on there before I make the first mouse movement. What I'm looking for are ways to prevent the trackers from installing on my compute. I appreciate your reply and your help.


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That is normal behaviour for Windows.

The ones you are seeing after booting are probably either 'Live Tiles' on the start menu, or you have browser preloading, browser syncing, etc. enabled.

The 'Trackers' found by health check are not what you are probably thinking they are, the link in Daves post above explains it.

See this for a further explanation of just what the 'Trackers' found by Health Check are, and why some will come back after you have cleaned them (and before you have done anything else).

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