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I was forced recently to restart my computer in the middle of a work session, so, as I always do I close the browser I am using and restart the computer, and the browser opens my in-progress tabs when I open the browser again. Simple, normal, it's the default performance of every browser I've ever used.

Except this one. The moment the computer restarts, CCleaner browser opens with a home page that was never mine, telling me it was set to open on startup, which I never did, and all of my browser history has been wiped, which I never set it to do. Already angry, I go to the settings to check on why this happened. NONE of the settings that have just triggered are set. The browser wiped its history even though the browser settings were to not do that, and it launched on startup even though it was set to not do that. I flipped the setting on and off again to make sure it was showing me an accurate image, and as I was about to close, the setting, I kid you not, flipped itself back on.

I'm already plenty busy without having to literally fight my own browser. As far as I'm concerned, when a program does the opposite of what my settings dictate, I consider that inexcusable, full stop, no excuses. This browser just did the exact opposite of almost every setting I had set, all at once, and THEN f***ed with my settings after the fact. I don't know if this is incompetence or the absolute audacity of a coder who thinks they know better than the user, but I'm done. I'm sick of telling the browser to stop telling me about making it my default, I'm sick of fighting its settings because it thinks it knows better, but this, this isn't so much the straw that broke the camel's back, but the sledgehammer.

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