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Startup Anyway When Disabled

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I've had to uninstall the latest CCleaner and install an earlier version that functions properly, because with the newest one, even with startup option disabled, it still loads with Windows 10 in the task tray. The only time I ever want to see CCleaner doing a thing is when I run it myself, but for some reason, on a fresh install of Windows 10 1909, it's running on startup even when disabled in options. I even went as far as to remove the thing from startup/scheduler with Autoruns, and it adds itself back to it every time. So back into settings I went, looking for the culprit, and I could find nothing. The option for scheduling is disabled with the free version, but it was for some reason adding itself to scheduler and running at every startup anyway. 

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1 hour ago, alphamachina said:

Wow, you'd think that would be more apparent. If I turn off the program starting up with Windows, it should also disable "Smart Clean", considering it's the same damn thing. 

They are not the same, and they do two very different things.

'Run CCleaner when the Computer starts' runs a clean in the background (no display) when you startup - and then closes CCleaner altogether. (Unless you have Smart cleaning enabled).

'Smart Cleaning', if enabled, will launch at startup but will not do a clean (Unless the junk limit set has been reached), it will then remain running in the background all the time to keep checking the limit.

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