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Does CCleaner for Android detect Spyware?

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I'm trying to find out if CCleaner will detect spyware or security risks on my Samsung Galaxy S5.  I work in a highly competitive profession and I am concerned that a coworker may have installed a spyware app onto my phone (mSpy, Highster Mobile, etc) while it was on my desk during a recent meeting with corporate management.  This coworker knows that my/our supervisor and I communicate frequently through text messages about projects we work on together (myself and the coworker in question) and is continually seeking ways to "gain insight" into my ideas for these projects so that they can develop them and receive the credit/praise from management.  I delete our messages immediately upon reading them to prevent this coworker from reading them.  Also, if "manually" clean the the text/SMS messages, data, cache, etc. when prompted by CCleaner, will this ensure my coworker will not be able to gain access to them? 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Very Respectfully,

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No, it's been designed to clean you device removing junk,cleaning RAM and monitoring your system. So, you need to use specific spyware for your device. 

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