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Ok, so Recuva doesn't do the basic thing you would expect it to be able to - recover files.  I know my removable hard drive has files on it (I was able to view photos use a free scan download).  However, Recuva gives up when it says it cannot recognise the file structure.  What use is that ?

I left a question on here yesterday, but a review of multiple similar posts suggest no one ever responds.

I want to get my money back please.


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  • Moderators

You probably didn't get a response because your question was particularly vague with no details of what format the drive was, how it had been used, when it was last used, what OS you are/were using, what kind of files you are trying to recover, etc.
"I want to retrieve files from an old external hard drive. ....However Recuva will not read the drive... " doesn't tell anybody anything useful to work with.
You need to give more details of your problem if you want someone to maybe know what is happening and why.

Also remember that this is a user forum where users help each other, if they can. It is not the the Piriform Support service that you paid for.

As you have paid then you can contact the official Piriform Support, they are the only ones who can resolve licencing/refund issues; it's not something that we can do on the user forum.

There is a contact form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Or you can email them: support@ccleaner.com

Your post has been brought to the attention of Piriform staff, but I suggest you raise a support ticket using the form linked above.
Just one is enough, have patience tickets are answered in the order that they are raised. Raising multiple tickets will actually slow down the response.

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Hi Mark, we're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with Recuva. Please contact our support team using the contact details/contact form above. A member of our support team will get back to you as soon as they can.  


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