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Under Health Check / Privacy you provide a numeric count of Trackers To Remove.  But you don’t make known who the trackers are.  I need to know who the trackers are so I can make every effort to block them from spying on my computer activities.

Please provide the names, addresses and any other information about the Trackers and a method to block Trackers when identified.

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Try changing for Health Check to Custom Clean. You do this by opening Ccleaner..Options..Settings and selecting Custom Clean.

Then close and open CCleaner again and Custom Clean will be highlighted on left.

Click on Analyse at the bottom and when the list comes up right click on an item to see more info.

Also see here



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(Hazelnut beat me while I was typing).

The 'Trackers' found by Health Check are not tracking software, they are simply cookies and temporary internet files.

See here for more information:


If you want to see more details of just what CCleaner finds and removes then you have to use Custom Clean and not Health Check.

You can set Custom Clean to be the default and give more datails:
Options>Settings change 'CCleaner Home Screen' to 'Custom Clean'.
Options>Advanced change 'Cleaning results level of detail' to 'Advanced Report' or 'File List'.
Note - if you set 'Advanced Report' then double clicking any entry found will show the File list for that entry.

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