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Can Ccleaner remove "Update Checker (Edge)

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I went for the 14 days free trial version. My first question is. is Ccleaner able to get rid of that "Very Annoying" "Update Checker" That windows Edge leave behind him once you have decided you will use another Emails Software. Thanks in Advance for your kind help. Take care.


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That Mysoftpack Update Checker is a known rouge application. (Adware, Bitcoin Miner, and more).


Update Checker is a potentially unwanted program that invaders users’ machines without their consent. Soon after infiltration, users’ Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or another browser is contaminated with a bunch of ads, pop-ups, banners, coupons, redirects and other unpleasant activities that continually disturb web browsing sessions.

I suggest that you get your computer looked at and cleaned up as soon as possible.

We are not allowed by forum rules to give instruction on malware removal here, but can direct you to where you can get 1-to-1 expert help for free.

Go to one of the websites listed in chapter 10 of the forum rules.

They all have experts in malware removal who will take you through things step-by-step.
Be sure to do what they say, and only what they say, until they give you the all clear.
Only use one help/removal service at once, trying to use 2 at once will screw things up and they will know.
(The same guys work on more than one of those sites).

I recommend Malwarebytes, but the choice is yours and there are another 5 listed, if you choose Malwarebytes then start here:


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Well. Quite agree. I wonder Why they would do that.

Shortly, I'm an old hotmail.com User.

I went onto trouble with my PC and it ended up luckily but...

All passwords gone etc...etc..... (Shortly)

And that microsoft “edge”

And that very annoying “Update Checker”.

Thanks to you. I now know it has nothing to do with Microsoft;


One question remains though

Can Ccleaner help me delete that?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


And take care



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See my post above, we cross posted.

It's malware and you need to get it removed.

CCleaner removes junk files, it can't remove malware or any other junk software it isn't meant for that.

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