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A way to show an old phone as a drive?

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I'd like to try to recover some old files from an ancient phone (Samsung Tocco Lite, the first edition).

Just wondering if there is any way for Recuva to see the phone as it doesn't list as a drive.





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If Windows doesn't see it as a device you can open normally like how you can open a USB flash drive or USB disk drive the answer is no.

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Check the phone settings, with older Samsungs there was a setting to say how the computer should treat a phone when connected by USB.

I don't know the Tocco, but on the Wave it was Settings>Connectivity>USB and gave different choices, eg. Media Player, Mass Storage, Internet tethering, etc.
'Ask on Connection' was obviously the most useful.

You had to set it on the phone before connecting to the PC.

EDIT- From the Tocco user manual in the "Advanced Music Functions" section:


In Menu mode, select Settings → Phone settings → PC connections → Mass storage → Save.
3. Press [ ] twice to return to Idle mode.
4. Using an optional PC data cable, connect the
multifunction jack on your phone to a PC.
When connected, a pop-up window will appear
on the PC.
5. Open the folder to view files.

'Press [ ] twice....' is the symbol for the right hand button but it hasn't copied.

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