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Are results written to a file somewhere?

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I had to reinstall windows but ran into problems so had to redo it a few times. When I finally got it working, I discovered that it only kept the previous two installs and therefore all of my files from the original install were missing. OneDrive had only backed up some of it so I lost everything. I downloaded recuva and ran it. I had so much stuff that it took many  many hours and I had to go to bed. I left the computer running and changed power options so it would never turn off. When I woke up and went to look at the results window, it had found over 750,000 files and was still plugging away so I left it going and went and did stuff. When I came back to check it, the window had been closed. (My browser had been closed, too, so it's possible windows installed some update and restarted because I didn't check to make sure auto update was off.)

So I don't have the results of the deep scan. Does the list of files still exist somewhere or do I have to run the scan again? And if a windows update wasn't why it closed (I've turned off windows update now), how can I prevent it from closing again?

My backups are from two years ago because I was relying on #*&^ OneDrive so I've lost thousands of books, songs, audiobooks, and files. (Fortunately all my photos are saved in multiple places automatically.) I'm freaking out because the other software I tried found a tenth of what this software did. I need to keep using my computer and everything I do is creating temp files that might be overwriting the stuff I need to recover.

Please help!

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Recuva doesn't create/save a list, it's only what's displayed within it as it's resident. Therefore if you close Recuva it unfortunately means you'll have to start all over from scratch with it scanning for deleted files.

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