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.mp4 files recovered but not playable


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Hello.  Firstly let me say thanks for this awesome bit of software! I just accidentally deleted files from my gopro, and Recuva has managed to find LOTS of them!

There are several .mp4 files it has found and while some are able to play, most are not.  I found a similar topic:


Someone there is saying there is an issue with very large and/or very new files.  The ones I am really trying to recover are both.  Most of these have been recovered as [000029] for exmaple.

What was not clear on the thread mentioned above, are these files able to be played?  Are they actually in tact?  Do I just need to rename them?

I really appreciate whatever help anyone can give.



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As long as they have the correct file extension renaming them wouldn't make a difference. If they're actually intact it would mean they have proper header information and should play.

Like I mentioned in that other old topic you linked to sometimes re-saving a video (not re-encoding/transcoding which causes quality degradation) with the free Avidemux tool I mentioned can if it's just a missing header make the file playable again since it creates a new header so media players (software & hardware) know what the file is and how to play it. Avidemux is no guarantee however, it's just something to use as a last resort, but if it's spitting out errors it may mean your video(s) are damaged.

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Files with a name as you have described are found with a deep scan, which only retrieves the first fragment of a file. From Someone in  the other thread.

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