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Browser History Deleted, Now what to do?

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I just download and use CCleaner for the first time but I was shocked after seeking that it has deleted all of my browsing history. Is there any way to recover them back and exclude browser from CCleaner cleaning list?



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I'm afraid that if you have cleared the browser history then it is gone, (unless you have the browser synced or made a backup).

I'm guessing here that you ran Health Check which cleared the history, you can prevent CCleaner doing this in future by using Custom Clean instead.

CCleaner has two modes- Health Check and Custom Clean.
You change between which you use as default by going to Options>Settings and setting the 'CCleaner Home Screen'.
(You can still run the other one at any time by clicking on it in the sidebar on the left of the main screen).

Health Check uses it's own rules to clean junk, you can't change those rules. It also runs the Startup Manager and Software Updater each time you use it.

Custom Clean lets you set your own rules on which junk to clean by ticking/unticking the boxes in the lists.
(It also lets you include or exclude specific files or folders that you do or don't want cleaning, specific cookies that you want to keep, and other advanced settings).
It will not run the Startup Manager, Software Updater, or any other tool - if you want to use those you run them from the Tools.

Ticks/unticks in Custom Clean will NOT be used by Health Check which only uses it's own rules.

In Custom Clean you tick or untick the boxes to tell CCleaner what to clean and what to leave alone, the browser history is listed as 'Internet History', each browser that you have has a seperate section so for instance you could clear the history from Firefox, but leave it alone in Edge.

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