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Force registry backups to be in CCleaner folder.


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Instead of saving the registry backups to the My Documents folder, save it in the %ProgramFiles%\CCleaner\Registry Backups\ folder.


In addition, a shortcut should be added that leads to the folder from the Start Menu.

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Agreed! It's a very logical path for CCleaner to go hence other similiarly minded applications create the .reg backups in their own program files folder, typically an Undo folder.


To add to the suggestion:

* The ability to have a Backups button in CCleaner itself that would either list all the .reg backups, or just open the folder.

* The ability to restore or delete the .reg backups within CCleaner itself. Of course this would require a Restore and Delete button.

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Been a few years since I coded in VB6, but I believe this is the correct code to add under the registry backup Sub or Function.



	If Dir(App.Path & "\Registry Backups", vbDirectory) = False Then	MkDir App.Path & "\Registry Backups"End If


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I think it's retarded to save anything in the Program Files folder and I will be pissed if this actually happens to CCleaner.


A proper UI should only save *anything* in one of four (ok, five) possible locations: the current directory (when the program is standalone, minimal, doesn't require installation, and likely to be run from a writeable device), My Documents (when the file involves art, media, word processing, etc), the %appdata% folder (for profile information such as Favorites/lists), Local Settings\Application Data\ (for temporary files, application-created databases, work area files such as staging folders for CD burning programs), and the registry (HKCU for per-user settings and HKLM for system-wide settings, such as license information).


Yeah, that's pretty strict of me to say but that's the way it is supposed to work. The reason that everyone attributes to Windows being god-awful or a bad OS is mostly by part of the quality of 3rd party applications written for it. If all developers for Windows had good UI design and consistency between elements then people would consider Windows to be the way they always see Mac OS X (easy to use, consistent, modern/well-designed).


In this case, the documents being created by CCleaner need to be more accessible than being buried in an AppData folder or cramming it into Program Files (which is not where user data is supposed to go). I suggest %userprofile%\My Documents\CCleaner backups\, I guess. :P

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