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MY WD Harddisk not detectable

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Hi folks,

Need some help. this morning I accidentally dropped my WD Passport Ultra (External Harddisk). Post that I was browsing on the net for different options, and I came across "Recuva" as an option. I downloaded the Free version as it said "Advanced Recovery". I tried using that and followed the below steps:

Initiated Recuva Wizard

Selected "All Files" for File Type for recovery

selected "on my media card or ipod"

Then, on the next screen I checked in the "Enable Deep Scan" & pressed START.

The error message "No drives were scanned, because none matches with the filter.


Please suggest!

Thank you!



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I asume that the drive stopped working after you dropped it.

Recovery software is meant to recover deleted files on a working drive, it is not going to fix a drive that has been physically damaged.

A good repair shop may be able to strip it down and fix it.

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