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This service is part of Verizon’s suite of email and web advertising properties, which includes AOL and Yahoo. Very recently they  introduced this tracking tool that alerts advertisers to the moment you’re looking at your email inbox. They say... 

We genuinely believe that our mutual customers deserve a unique experience which connects them to their passions,” Becker writes in the announcement. “We want to enable them to discover the things which matter to them. We want to enable them to get the most out of their inbox.” He goes to say that “we believe that tracking our customers is wrong,” and then follows that sentence up with, “But we also believe in the idea that they should be able to discover what is the most relevant to them.




CCleaner documentation can be found here


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I have all of my email provider ad spam go directly into Trash, it's easy to do if all the junkmail comes from a particular unique email address that they'll always use.

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