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Ik krijg elke keer deze in mijn logboek

Product: CCleaner Update Helper -- Error 1316. De opgegeven account bestaat al.  MsiInstaller Gebeurtenis ID 11316

Snap hier niets van heb wel CCleaner Prof.  op Mijn computer staan wie heb een oplossing hiervoor

Vriendelijke Groet Jan

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"MsiInstaller Event ID 11316" message is from Windows that says you are trying to install something that already exists. (often a driver)

I believe that "CCleaner Update Helper" is part of 'Software Updater' and 'Health Check', so suspect that it may be trying to update something that Windows says is already updated..

Try this:
Open CCleaner and click on Tools>Software Updater then wait for it to tell you what it has found that needs updating.
That will be the thing that Windows is saying is already installed.

Let us know:
Whatever Software Updater has found?
Which version of Windows you are using?
Which AntiVirus are you using?
Is CCleaner Home Screen set to Health Check or Custom Clean? (Options>Settings).
Do you have CCleaner Pro set to run on a schedule?

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