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Paid for Professional - Now they want another twenty bucks for the updated versi

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I just bought ccleaner professional, and the first thing they do after is send me a bubble that tells me the one I bought was outdated, and I have to pay another twenty bucks for the updated version they "decided not to give me. 

If this isn't something for consumer affairs and the better business bureau and some hellaciously scorching reviews, I don't know what is.

What a fkng scam!!  

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How did you buy an 'outdated' version?

Or perhaps more to the point where did you buy it?

There are plenty of scammers out there, and plenty selling fake licences, or who will try to sell the same licence hundreds, or thousands, of times.
If you tell us where you got it from then they will be investigated/stopped.

You can register any older version of CCleaner using a valid licence and it will update itself to the latest version with no further charge.

If you are being told otherwise then you are not talking to Piriform/CCleaner but to someone who is trying to scam you

If you try to register a fake, or already in use, licence then you will be told that it is 'Invalid' (not out of date).

If you did purchase a vaild licence form Pirform then that message is simply saying that you are entering you registed name or key wrongly.

You have to use the same name that you registered, and have to be careful not to mistype letters/numbers in the key. - 1 & l, 5 & S, 8 & B, etc.
We see the mistyping mistake at least once a week - it's best to copy/paste the key from the purchase email.

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