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hard drive health (status) incorrectly showing as Good

nick m

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Hard drive health (Status) shows as Good even when there are problems.

See screenshot, both Speccy and Crystal Disk Info correctly identify the Uncorrectable Error Count as 1 (which is above the threshold of 0).  That result is shown in Crystal Disk Info as above the threshold & therefore a yellow warning/Caution.  That's correct.  Speccy reports this as Good in the table (I've added a red arrow) and also Good in the overall Status (I've added a red box).  Surely this is incorrect?

I've seen this on multiple Windows 10 PCs with a few different old hard drives.

I'm using the latest version 1.32 of Speccy that I just downloaded from your site.

Thanks for your help.

Speccy hhd bug.png

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I've seen that a number of times using other tools that state "Good" perhaps giving a false since of nothing being wrong which could be disastrous, whereas CrystalDiskInfo states "Caution" which is preferred as a warning. I have that on some very old hard disks that Windows ChkDsk marked the bad sectors and took out of use, although those drives have worked for well over a decade with the Caution status and without any issues which is probably just pure luck.

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