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How to position bookmarks

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I am starting using ccleaner-browser and have imported my other browser's bookmarks.
But like with the other browser I would like the bookmarks shown on the screen at the edge of the screen (better if there were an option to show/hide this function).

How do I do this specifically??

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I share TwoNZW's concern about how CCleaner handles imported bookmarks.  Just imported bookmarks from two browsers I have used in the past and they show up on the CClearner bookmarks bar as "Firefox Bookmarks" and "Imported" folders.   I would like to have all bookmarks in a single location / folder, preferably a CCleaner folder.

Having read Mike Aurthor's response, I have to ask; What does that even mean?!?

Can anyone provide an answer, or link, to how to re-organize imported bookmarks into a more sensible and convenient means of access?

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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