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ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??????????????

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I have an acoount on Vimeo. My videos are explicitely not downloadable. But you never the less made my videos downloadable with your browser. Are you out of your mind??? Stay off my property. Don't touch any of my films. Who do you think you are?!!!!!!!!!

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I have used Ccleaner etc. for ten years or more and I have always paid for the software. Now they deceive me. Their so called browser downloads anything, even if you don't want it to be downloaded. That has to stop right now. They must be desperately looking for money because of this violation of your privacy. Don't download their browser, because you are not safe anymore. If you want some privicy, delete Ccleaner from your computer right now.

Email address removed (For your privacy - never put your email or other details in plain sight).

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