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I am using an older version of CCleaner (5.63.7540). I am satisfied with this version; it does every thing I need it to do. It seems that a new selection has been added to my version: "Health Check". When did this happen?

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hi bjb26,


perhaps you have ticked "apply these updates automatically"?

if you dont want autoupdates, untick the options or set on "manually" (perhaps block the internet-access for ccleaner with your firewall)



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1 hour ago, bjb26 said:

"Health Check". When did this happen?






v5.64.7613 (03 Mar 2020)

This release includes a brand new feature, plus lots of user-focused improvements and changes. On top of that, we now support Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser.

We really value our users’ feedback, which is why we’ve set up a new Ideas Board. To help shape the future of CCleaner and submit suggestions for what you’d like to see next, head over to ideas.ccleaner.com to take part in the conversation!

Introducing… ‘Health Check’
- Health Check brings together CCleaner’s most popular tools in a new user-friendly interface to help users to easily maintain their PC
- In just a few clicks, users of any technical ability can clean, update and disable unnecessary startup apps in one go, to save space and boost speed, privacy and security
- Health Check replaces Easy Clean, following feedback from users on how it could be enhanced

Edge Chromium & browser cleaning improvements
- Added full support for Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser
- Fixed a bug in Google Earth cache cleaning
- If requested, CCleaner can now disable ‘Preloading’ in old Edge (allows complete cleaning)

User-friendly improvements to installer offers
- Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are now presented in a separate step in the installer
- Offers for Avast and CCleaner products are no longer checked by default

Farewell to Windows XP & Vista (;_;)
- Version 5.64.7577 is the final planned build for Windows XP and Vista
- This version will only receive critical security updates
- Read our FAQs for further information and assistance

Other minor improvements
- Improved country embargo checks to reduce false positives
- Fixed a UI bug in Scheduling interface
- Fixed a bug where ‘OK’ button missing from some dialogue messages
- Removed Google Plus from the ‘About’ screen





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Also if you don't want to use Health Check go to Options.. Settings... and select Custom Clean at the top instead of Health Check.

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