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How to get rid of Google Chrome entry in CCleaner

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I recently  installed the portable version of Google Chrome in order to test something on it that didn't work in Firefox.  There was no traditional install of the portable version as far as it showing up in Programs and features, just an extraction of the files contained within the executable  I noticed that after installing the portable Google Chrome I had an entry in the Custom Clean section called Google Chrome.  I figure it was created due to the portable Google Chrome install.  I no longer needed the portable version so I just deleted the folder.  There is no uninstall in Programs and Features because it is the portable version as I already mentioned.

The entry is still in CCleaner.  I deleted a Google Chrome entry in my Registry although I needed to run as TrustedInstaller because I could not delete it.  Kept getting permission errors and access denied errors.  Running as TI enabled me to delete it.  However, the entry in CCleaner is still there.  CCleaner must determine what programs you have by looking somewhere like in folders or the Registry.  I am looking to get rid of the entry in CCleaner by any means.  Any ideas?

On more thing.  I recently installed the MS Edge Chromium version.  I am thinking that doing this created the Google Chrome entry in CCleaner although I think this is a long shot.  The two browsers seem to be distinct from each other.


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It was installing Edge Chromium that in addition to adding an Edge Chromium entry to CCleaner it also added the Google Chrome entry.  I know because I uninstalled Edge Chromium and both entries no longer appear in CCleaner.  A good thing to know for the future.

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I don't think that's correct, my CCleaner shows Edge Chromium but it does not and has never shown Google Chrome.

There must have been some entry somewhere from Google Chrome.

It may have been simply fortuitous that uninstalling Edge Chromium also removed the rogue google registry entry as well.

Google Chrome is very persistent, once you've had it on your machine it's hard to get completely rid of all traces.

As you seem to have got rid of it then however you did it doesn't realy matter.

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Even portable versions of browsers like the Chrome/Chromium based variety will create some registry data, but it's not a whole set of settings like an installed version would create throughout the registry. Occasionally depending upon how a portable version was closed, or crashed it can leave behind AppData and ProgramData, usually if it's the PortableApps.com version those remnants will usually get removed the next time it's successfully closed, i.e.; no crashing.

Different browser but worth mentioning:
I've seen with Firefox Portable that some things can linger in ProgramData for instance when Firefox Portable automatically checks for an update when using "About Firefox", even though it can't actually update that way.


On Win10 there's already a Google\Chrome entry in the registry by default for Windows Security that's locked to possibly prevent deletion and tampering. I don't know if Win10 or Windows Security will auto re-create it or not if you found a way to delete it.

These are the default values if you wish to restore them:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




@="C:\\Program Files\\Windows Security\\BrowserCore\\manifest.json"


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