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CCleaner Pro Plus stopped working.


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On 11/15/19 I renewed my CCleaner Professional Plus.  It just stopped working a couple of days ago.  It no longer is giving me the message after I close a browser that says the computer's been cleaned, and if I click on the program icon, the program does not open.

I was stupid enough to "assume" I didn't renew when I was supposed to and spent another $29.95 to get the program again.  I uninstalled the old one and installed the new one and the same problems exist...plus, during installation it did not give me the opportunity to enter the key.  At the end of the installation it said it was installed but did not launch.  Clicking on the program icon produced no action.

In actuality I had renewed 4 months ago (11/15/19 2:20am) as I found in the last email I got from them upon renewing.

So the program has just stopped working, and neither will it install after paying for it a second time.

Has anyone else had this problem?  Please help.


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1 hour ago, SpearRanchMultimedia said:

My cc cleaner is now doing the same thing - I click on it's icon and it won't start. I'm using Windows 10 Professional and Trend Micro Internet security.

Have you installed the Trend Micro upgrade?


Have you tried this (whitelisting ccleaner)?


CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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5 hours ago, SpearRanchMultimedia said:

Fixed from information you referenced at: 

Fixing the problem was simply a matter of adding ccleaner to Trend Micro's security exception list. Why that exception had to be added after all these years I can't explain but I'm happy to have solved the problem easily. Thanks so much for your help hazlenut!


Thanks for posting this. My ccleaner updated a week ago and hasn't worked since. Added CCleaner.exe to my exception list in Trend Micro and Bam, it works again!

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