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ccleaner required office 2016 reinstall

Jerry E

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I just installed the latest free version of ccleaner.  Previously if i ran ccleaner on either desktop or laptop  i would have to reinstall my MS Office 2016.  I am using the latest updated version of Windows 10 and the latest updated version of MS Office 2016  I like and have used ccleaner for a long time but am reluctant to continue using it if i have to always reinstall Office.

Will i have the same problem with this version or can you tell me how to solve this problem?

Jerry E

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  • Admin

Hi Jerry, thanks for reaching out to our community.

We suspect this may be attributed to CCleaner's removal of the OProcSessId.dat Office related file, which is (erroneously?) being stored inside of the Windows Temp folder.
Specifically, we've had other customers report the same exact problem with Office, and after excluding this file from CCleaner in order to prevent it from being removed, the problem disappeared.

Would you be willing to exclude this file as well, using the following steps?

1. (If needed) Reinstate Microsoft Office so it is functional again

Open CCleaner > click Options > Exclude

2) Click Add > Drive or folder > Browse

3) Navigate to: C:\Users\herbe\AppData\Local\

4) Click on the "Temp" folder > click OK

5) Select "File Types" and type: *.dat

6)Click OK

Once excluded, please use CCleaner again and afterwards, please verify if the Microsoft Office products are working, or not.

Additionally, I would be greatly appreciative if you inform me whether or not this works because if this is the cause of the problem, I'll want to make sure our development team is aware of this issue as well.

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I think 3) should be:

3) Navigate to: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\

However, the question remains why this only occurs with a few Office users. I also have these files in the Temp folder, but I can delete them without any problems. My Office 2016 has never been affected by CCleaner.

By the way, there is unfortunately still no official answer here either:

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  • Admin
On 02/04/2020 at 18:50, Jerry E said:

Sandra, your solution did not work.  I had to reinstall my Office Pro 2016 again.



Hi Jerry, I'm sorry that the solution did not work. I have related this to our support team who are investigating this error, and they have suggested sending your file analysis and registry scan results to see if anything correlates. If you would like to help us, please see info below - our team is keen to find out what is causing this problem, and we appreciate your assistance with this. 

To help us determine why this is happening on your system, can you please provide us with a copy of your analysis results from CCleaner?

You can save the analysis results using the following steps:

1. Open CCleaner > click "Custom Clean"
2.Click "Analyze"
3. Right-click an entry from the list of results > click "Save to text file..."
(Please send this text file to us on support@ccleaner.com)

Additionally, and if you had cleaned your registry prior to when this problem occurred, can you please provide us with a copy of the registry scan results, as well?

You can save the registry scan results using these steps:

1. Open CCleaner > click Registry
2. Click "Scan for Issues"
3. Right-click an issue from the list of scan results
4. Click "Save to text file..."

(If applicable, please send this text file to our support team)




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