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CCleaner Browser v80.0


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We're officially taking the CCleaner Browser out of preview with the release of version 80.0!

This release delivers improvements in anti-phishing security to protect you from even more scams, phishing, and malware, and some new page designs to make using CCleaner Browser even better.

Anti-Phishing improvements

  • Anti-Phishing now does more than scan the URLs in your address bar; it now scans every single URL loaded by the page to proactively block malicious scripts, iFrames, trackers, and more

Other minor improvements

  • The new tab page gets a new doodle
  • New designs for the pages displayed when sites are blocked to better communicate the type of threat detected
  • New design for the ‘No Internet Connection’ page

Don't have CCleaner Browser?
You can download CCleaner Browser for free here.

If you are already a CCleaner Browser user your installation will update automatically.

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