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Using Ccleaner version 5.64.7577 (last version for Windows XP & Vista) on a Windows XP SP3 system and occasionally when opening Ccleaner (set to Custom Clean) the Run Cleaner box is grayed out and I must close Ccleaner and restart it and then it works. Never had this problem with previous versions. Is there a fix? Thanks.

By the way, the screen shot below was automatically added and has nothing to do with my question, but it won't let me delete it.

Screenshot removed - Nukecad.





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I've removed it for you, the in-line editor can be a pig at times with attachments and links.

For future reference if you scroll down the editor you'll see  thumbnails of any attachments in that post with a bin icon to delete them.
(The plus icon adds them into the post after loading, or if you backspaced and removed them by mistake).


Not sure about your grey box, but I seem to recall something similar from a few years ago. If I have time I may take a look if I can find anything useful.

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Found this from 2018 (before I was a mod).

The tread is about the buttons taking a long time to turn from grey to blue, but my reply there goes back to when they wouldn't turn blue at all for me.
Maybe some of the suggestions there could help?

I found my older thread as well but it's not very helpful, at the time I decided to just live with it sometimes not working and having to close and relaunch CCleaner.

I will note that at least one of the servers seems to have been playing up today.
Reading back what I found in those old threads I'm wondering if that could somehow be connected to your grey button problem if it's only happening today?




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Nukecad thanks for your suggestions. I tried unchecking the updates but that didn't help. I tried reinstalling the latest update and so far that seems to be working. There is no lag like before and the Run Cleaner box immediately turns blue. I'll update you if the problem returns. Thanks. Paul

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