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v5.65 german improvements

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ccleaner -> options -> advanced...


in german a space between two words is missing

old: NachBereinigung herunterfahren -> correct: Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren

ccleaner deutsche verbesserung.JPG


ps: dont worry, the pic is from v5.63 but the "needed improvements" are also the same in v5.65!

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ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning


-> "Tell me if there are junk files to clean"

= "Benachrichtigen, wenn eine Bereinigung von Junk Dateien notwendig ist" (in german we dont say Junk Dateien)

= "Benachrichtigen, wenn Datenmüll bereinigt werden kann" (its better and shorter)

= or "Benachrichtigung über Datenbereinigung" or "Benachrichtigung zur Datensäuberung" (more shorter) or "Mitteilung über Datenmüll" or similar


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display area to small...


in english:

ccleaner -> options -> privacy -> "privacy policy"


in german:

ccleaner -> optionen -> privatsphäre -> "...ichtlinie" <--- because the display area was to small (it seems not automatically customizable)

there are some letters and/or words missing 🙂




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ccleaner -> tools -> duplicate finder


in the mainwindow

-> "Size" = "Größe"

-> "Zero byte files" = "Null Byte Dateien"

-> "Duplicate finder" = "Duplikate Finder" = "Duplikate finden" (better)


ccleaner -> tools -> disk analyzer

-> "Disk analyzer" = "Disk analysieren" = perhaps "Festplatte analysieren" (but its a bit longer)


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Software updater


--> on the right side -> the two buttons "update" and "refresh" <--- two different words and meaning/senses


in german there -> "aktualisieren" and "aktualisieren"



perhaps other translations: refresh = wiederholen/auffrischen/erneuern


= "update" -> "aktualisieren" with meaning of app-updates

= "refresh" -> "wiederholen" or "auffrischen" or "erneuern" with meaning of a new searching for updates

but in certain circumstances also "erneut suchen" <- but its a bit longer for the button to fill with german text




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another software updater improvements

ccleaner found only 2 programs for searching udpates?


you can see at the pic that ccleaner cant find the publisher  - not even piriform 😉


where is ccleaner, recuva, defraggler, ccleaner cloud, openoffice, mozilla firefox, google earth pro, adope flash player, d-fend-reloaded (dos emulator for old games)?

only some programs ccleaner can do search for updates...


ccleaner updater unbekannter herausgeber.JPG

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