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IE trmp files

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When I run CCleaner it shows there are IE temp files to be removed, even though I have not used IE in several weeks. After running CCleaner  it still shows those files have not been removed.

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That is normal and is just the way that Windows operates.

Windows always recreates one particular 'cookie' file if it is deleted, (it's not actually a cookie, its a textfile), as well as some other empty temporary files.
CCleaner doesn't know if those files are empty or not so just deletes them anyway.
Other programmes/apps also use IEs temporary file locations for their temporary files, it's just used as a convinent location for putting short lived temporary files.
Since v5.64 when you open CCleaner itself it now puts a couple of temporary files in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files', and then finds them to delete.

See the second part of this for a fuller explanation:

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