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Option To Clean Out Hidden System Restore Folders

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I was wondering if you could consider adding the option to check to choose to clean out system restore folders on hard drives.


As today i was trying to empty my hard drive. But even with everything gone and a CCleaner scan i was still a few hundered mb's full and i did not know why.


It was only until i did a defragment did i notice my drive was full of system restore files. That were not needed as this was a slave hard drive i was using solely for MP3's and Video files and such.


So an option to get rid of older or even all System restore files in a CCcleaner scan would be useful for me.




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It has been suggested before, but you don't want such an option checked by default.

System Restore can be a life saver indeed...


Note, you can of course disable System Restore on that Slave drive. (Right-click My Computer > Properties > System Restore Tab > Settings.)


That will also remove all SR files on reboot.

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Yes, such an option should definitly NOT be checked by default.


However, it would be good with such a feature, since there are stuffs that you really want to get rid off. Then you dont want them to secretly stay hidden in the System Restore place.


To quote CCleaner.com front page;

"CCleaner is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool."


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