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[Solution] When CCleaner won't install or download (Windows)

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Solution: When CCleaner won't install (Windows)

First start by reading the official documentation for solutions to install problems.



Windows 10:
Do not rename the downloaded installer file, for example if it's named ccsetup561.exe leave it as is. If the installer file is renamed to something else such as CCleaner v561.exe, etc., there's a chance the installation will fail. This is specifically on Windows 10 computers.


Error opening file for writing:



If when attempting to update CCleaner to a newer version you encounter an error dialog that reads Error opening file for writing try these instructions by Nergal to remedy the issue:

On 16/12/2018 at 19:11, Nergal said:

This warning is usually accompanied by ccleaner still running.  Make sure ccleaner is fully exited including smart clean monitoring.  Check task manager for ccleaner.exe or ccleaner64.exe. Kill those instances then manully delete the file c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe (or the file listed in the error message).  Finally click retry.



Other possible solutions when CCleaner won't install:

  • Make sure the installer file isn't named CCleaner.exe, if it is rename it to the original filename, example: ccsetup561.exe
  • Make sure the installer file ends with the .exe extension.
  • Download and save the installer file into your Downloads folder and start the installation from there, don't select Open or Run from within your web browser. Credits go to Hazelnut for this tip.
  • Exit running programs that may interfere, or temporarily disable them, i.e.; antivirus software, etc. Note: Under normal circumstances you should not have to do this.
  • Make sure CCleaner isn't already running. To find out if it is open Task Manager to see if it's in the list of running processes. This is important since it can help remedy installation failure and a proceeding dialog that reads as Error opening file for writing.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Try to install CCleaner in Safe Mode. Credits go to Hazelnut for this tip.
  • Make sure the installer isn't trying to install into a non-standard location. Credits go to srom for this tip.
  • Try a clean installation of CCleaner. To do this uninstall CCleaner, restart your computer, and then reinstall CCleaner. Note: Doing this will cause you to lose your CCleaner configuration such as Cookies to Keep, etc., and you'll have to reconfigure it with your preferences. Warning: If in the past you've had considerable difficulty getting CCleaner to successfully install do not uninstall your working version.
  • If the above attempts fail download the Portable version of CCleaner, then unzip it to use CCleaner, you can even unzip it into the folder where an older version of CCleaner is installed to update it. Note: If you update an old already installed version using the Portable version make sure you delete the portable.dat file (which will be located in the same folder you unzipped CCleaner into) before launching the new version of CCleaner.
  • If you're still having issues after trying everything listed above post a bug report.


Hazelnut found this external post about another won't install cause, and the solution:
If you have DEP or ASLR set to Always On please read this post by safeguy on Wilders Security forum:


Also Important:
If manually updating, only download CCleaner from the official website:

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Solution: When CCleaner won't download (Windows)

Things to try:

  • Clean the cache ("Temporary Internet Files") in your web browser.
  • Try downloading in a different web browser.
  • Try again in a few minutes or hours.
  • Reboot your broadband modem.

Download CCleaner from the official website:

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Solution: When CCleaner won't run on a system with an old CPU without SSE2 (Windows)

The processor (CPU) has to have SSE2 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSE2) for CCleaner to function.

The final version that works with non-SSE2 processors is CCleaner v5.26.5937 (Standard Installer, Freeware) released 17 January 2017, it can be downloaded at:

Special Note:
Microsoft Windows 10 will not allow you to use old versions of CCleaner such as v5.26.5937.


Microsoft Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, Me, 2000 (Final Compatible Version)

CCleaner v2.36.1233 (Standard Installer, Freeware) released 27 September 2010 is the final compatible version that supports Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, Me, 2000. It can be downloaded at:


Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and Vista (Final Compatible Version)

CCleaner v5.64 (Installer, Portable, Freeware) is the final compatible version that supports Windows XP SP3 and Vista.

It can be downloaded directly from the official CCleaner website using the links listed below.

Installer (EXE Setup File):

Portable (ZIP Archive File):


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