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CCleaner 5.64 won't install

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Just to check, you are not using XP are you?

If not then you could try downloading it again just in case something went wrong with the download itself, but-

Some users are having a few issues with v5.64 that are being addressed for the next update.

If you are one of the affected users then we suggest installing and using the previous version, v5.63.7540, which can be found under 'Older Versions' on the right of: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/

If you have CCleaner Pro then you may need to re-register v5.63 after installing.
If you find you need to do this then simply:
Go to Options>About, click on 'Upgrade to Pro', enter your registered name and key, click on 'Register'.

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Thanks for your reply!  We're on Windows 10.  We still have the previous version installed, so we'll stick with that until the next update.  Thanks again!


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