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Tracking Cookies Not Cleaned

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Health Check is great, but I have tracking cookies it is not cleaning. How do I know which ones they are? Can you list them when you clean? Thanks.


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How do you know that it 's not cleaning certain cookies?
Is it simply because if you run it again then it still finds them?

Certain cookies (at least one) and temporary files will always come back shortly after you clean them, it's just a Windows thing.
And CCleaner itself now puts a couple of temporary files in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files' when you open CCleaner.
Plus if your browser, or anything else, is synced then the syncing will restore anything that CCleaner removes.
See the link below my signature for a longer explanation.

Also if your browser is not fully closing but instead pre-loading, or running in the background, then CCleaner can't clean it.

Let's see if we can work out which it is:

You can't easily list what health check has found, so-

Instead of using Health Check use Custom Clean in the following way.
In Options>Advanced set the 'Cleaning results level of detail to 'Advanced Report'.
Go to the Custom Clean and Click on 'Analyze'. (Not Run Cleaner).
That will give you a list of what Custom Clean has found for each category. (If you can clip/screenshot that and add it to your next post we can take a look at what they are).
It will look something like this, you can see here that Firefox has been mostly skipped that's because it was still running.
You can double click on any of those entries to see a more detailed view of just what files it has found to clean.

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