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Please stop duping your customers we must pay for free Ccleaner updates!

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Please stop harassing & duping your customers  into believing that we must pay  for a new Professional Ccleaner updates when we cannot & do not want the Pro version. We use the free version for many reasons.  Why is Piriform  hi-jacking updates unless we PAY? I don't have money for you. I never will have money for you. DON'T ASK AGAIN or send veiled warnings that "My Ccleaner is not up to date." This is a new creepy tactic of intimidation & I for one am not having it.


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You have to make the distinction between 'Update' and 'Upgrade', they are different things.

You don't have to pay to update CCleaner Free to the latest version. (You do have to pay to upgrade from Free to Pro).

It isn't a new tactic, that page has been the same for as long as I can remember.

When you get to the page where it offers an upgrade to the paid version then simply scroll down to the bottom and click on 'No Thanks' to go to a page where the Free version can be downloaded.


Alternatively don't update through CCleaner's GUI itself, instead download it from the 'Builds' page and double click the downloaded .exe file to install the update.
(Use the 'Slim' Version, it doesn't contain any offers).

You may want to hold off updating to the latest version though, whilst working OK for most some users are having issues with it which are being investigated/fixed.

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