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New tools in CCleaner 5.7x

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The version 5.7x of CCleaner may requires something, such as deep cleaning and deep registry cleaning, and new tools such as:
-Driver Booster: Scan and update all outdated drivers, backup drivers and fix errors on your PC 

-Malware Removal: Remove every threats in your PC, like malware, trojan, spyware, ransomware, worm, hijack and other threats, containing viruses

-File Shredder: Securely delete files and folders. After the files and folder are securely deleted, it cannot be recovered by tools

-Registry Defrag: Scan and find fragmented registries, then defrag it

-System Security and Boost: It make Windows faster and better security, and it can scan and install Windows Updates

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Have you ever used CCleaner?
It already does most of your wish list there, the others are not it's job, not possible, or not needed.

1- CCleaner already does that for popular apps - If you purchase the pro version. Of course it can't possibly update every app/driver that exists.
Use Health Check, or Software Updater from the tools.

2- Malware removal is not what CCleaner is designed for. Get an Anti-virus/anti-malware app. There are plenty of free ones.
You'll probably be offered the Avast/AVG anti-virus when you install CCleaner.

3- CCleaner already does Secure Deletion: Options>Settings>Secure Deletion. (And Drive Wiper/Wipe Free Space for already deleted files).

4- The registry cannot be defragmented as such, because it is always open when your computer is running and you can't defrag open files.
You can clean the registry of orphaned/unneded entries which CCleaner can already do - It is not recommended to use any registry cleaner with Windows 10.
Microsoft have a tool called 'Page Defrag' which can attempt to defrag the pagefile and registry hives before they are re-opened on the next boot after it has been run.

5 CCleaner already does that, Health Check.
Not the Windows Updates bit because that's Microsofts job, and Windows Updates are now done automatically anyway.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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