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disk wipe while cleaning multinstance issue + hard close process

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I wipe a external 4 TB Disk, via USB 3, via CC FREE Version v5.64.7613, there was no Filesystem on it before, so i formatted to NTFS before wipe.

So it runs for some hours...after my PC goes to energy safe mode (damn), i waked him up and was asked for cancel the wipe process, i denied.

So that goes on.


Then i open a second instance and do a regular cleaning process. Because 3 GB of Trash after analyze that..

While that booth processes running, CC mentioned me via popup to clean the disk now.

- Thats the first: CC dont know that a cleaning/ analyzing process is running and dont need to pop up

I hit that button and, this process clean also bottom right in the Popup, next to the other cleaning process, next to a wipe process (seems so...later i tell u why "it seems so")*

- The second: CC dont detect 2 instances with the same function and accept two cleaning processes same time

After i cancel the second one, i accidently close the second window, where the wipe seems to is at work*...but it closed hard without warning me,

that i am on the way to stop the disk wipe.

- The third: CC dont warn me when close a process/ window where are two different processes are running (wipe and basic cleaning)

So while the first cleaning process is still running, i act to wipe my disk again. But nnow CC tells me there is no Filesystem on it. Windows detect NTFS.

- The fourth: CC seems can not detect existing Filesystems after hard close processes (like disk wipe) ?!

So i format again and will try to wipe again.



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I'm struggling to follow just what you are doing, but as far as I can make out-

First you seem to be doing a drive wipe after fromatting a 4TB disc?
Doing a drive wipe on a 4 TB disc is going to take a long time, especially if you have specified multiple passes.

If a drive wipe is unexpectedly stopped/interrupted it can/will leave junk files behind which you will then have to delete manually.
See this post for an explanation of why that can happen, and what to do if it does:


Then you seem to be trying to run two instances of CCleaner, doing different things at the same time?
Never a good idea, it's not designed to work like that.
Do one thing at once and have patience.

PS. When doing a drive wipe you shouldn't really be using the computer for anything else until it has finished.
Even if it isn't the system drive itself that you are wiping, best to leave alone while it's working.


*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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