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CCleaner 564, Health Check Frozen

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I just upgraded to CCleaner 564, you have added a health check to your upgrade, its frozen, when I click on it or anything else it makes a sound. I uninstalled, and reinstalled and its the same thing. I have had CCleaner for years, until you fix this bug, I have uninstalled. Hope you fix it soon.

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Have a read of this thread. There are one or two issues with the latest builds which the devs are aware of.



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Might have something to do with this:

I have an ad-blocking script installed in my router, and in the past the ccleaner installer was freezing for long due to not being able to load the usual malware stuff (avast and similar crap). Now I noticed this didn't happen, so maybe they moved that from the installer to the actual app? notice the first thread.. "avast dll"


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CCleaner software still does not work since the addition of the Health check. It just freezes upon opening. I have to use Task Master to end the task to close. I have contacted CCleaner several times and only receive automated replies. William

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CCleaner used to be "the good guys" for these kind of apps, but lately they are more and more going towards the same path as all the crap from Auslogics and IObit spamming you like hell to get their other apps and crap.

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