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Slows way down after 2% of 2TB. From 200MBps to KBps

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I reported this before. Where it use to go an average the HD speed which is over 200MBs in RAID 0 and goes down 300kbs. Other drives in nonRAID average 100MBps goes down to 300KBps in less than 2 hours. You still haven't fixed the problem for I'm guessing the last report I made is from 2 years ago. And I've seen other people report this problem before.

Also, I did benchmarks from 3 different drives from Defraggler and everything is fine. But after I enlarge the window the screen turns a pail white and the program just hangs.

Buying this program is a mistake.

Defraggler so slow.png

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Tanks, but that's not the point. Plus, I defragged a lot of RAID 0 HDs with no problems.

I want to know why for 2 years that Defraggle slows way down on any HD. RAID or not. It also use to just stop half way and never finish.

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They need to update it!

If you're on Windows 10 that could possibly also be part of the cause and whatever they'd change to the Defrag API that all defrag tools use in the background. I've personally noticed with some older SATA/300 ("SATA 2") external/portable hard disks that no matter what defrag tool rather it be Windows own built-in or whatever 3rd party it just crawls and takes agonizingly forever, enough to abort the defrag. When I plug those same drives into an old WinXP system it defrags them at an acceptable normal pace.

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