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this file is overwritten with


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The message continues with the name of another live file, and it means that the deleted file is overwritten by that file. You can recover the deleted file, but the contents will be partly or completely the overwriting file, so presumably of no use to you.

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I'm having this same problem except that the file its telling me its overwritten with is the file i'm trying to recover. I deleted some short videos which I need to recover but the program only shows the photos which were on the card before. any help would be appreciated.

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i can open the  file recovered , ppt o excel,  

I nedd help!!  I deletes all my file of my job  and tray to use recuva, . it finds some files, but unfortunatly  I can't open. ppt or excel. I can see the the size of the file. but when i try to open say thaht it's impossible.. Please a nedd help. 

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