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Recuva finds deleted file only up to 2006

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Dear Friends,

First of all thank you so much to CCleaner for offering the chance to use Recuva in a free version. It helped me a lot! I am sorry if I am posting a question that was already answered. In this case please send me the link to the previous post.

Today I used Recuva to check if some files were deleted from a computer into my office. To my surprise the list that the Wizard returned to me was full of deleted files but they were all bringing a modification date from 2002 to 2006. Nothing with a modification date after 2006. Is this normal? I used Recuva on my personal PC and it founded all the deleted files since 2016 (date of installation).

By the way, I couldn't locate the file deleted by mistake by my colleague.

Many thanks for any suggestion. 

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If it's an office PC then is it networked and so saving files to a server rather than on it's own hard drive?

That's the way it's been in every office I've worked in, all files are saved on to the central server so that all employees can access them, and so they can easily be backed up from one place.

Ask your IT/system administrator if there is a backup, any decently run office makes a backup of files at least daily.

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