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Keeping WhatsApp.web connection

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When I use Cleaner, how can I prevent it from deleting anything concerning WhatsApp? I can reconnect to WhatsApp on my phone until I run CC Cleaner.  After using it, I have to rescan WhatsApp, using my cell phone.Usually I have to delete WhatsApp, and download it again in order for the scan to work.  It only has  this problem after I use CC Cleaner.  How can I protect my WhatsApp connectivity files?

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As you say this is with your phone then I assume that this is CCleaner for Android.

Whilst you can make apps and selected cookies 'exceptions' in the regular CCleaner, so that they dont get deleted, unfortunately this 'excluding' is not available in the Android version.

The Android version of CCleaner is a bit like the 'EasyClean/Healthcheck' option on the PC - in that it cleans what it does and you have little/no control over just what it clears.
(And yes, CCleaner android does clear WhatsApp files).

So if it's clearing things that you don't want cleared there is currently only one answer, don't use it.

PS. I've moved this into the Android sub-forum.

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