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Inconsistent results between Ccleaner and Windows 10.

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System Restore:

Windows 10 shows 12 restore points but Ccleaner tool shows only 7.  I see that the two backups I did one week apart, where Ccleaner just shows “Backup” System Restore shows two RP’s, “Automatic Restore point” and “System Image Restore Point”.  Still there is one RP I removed with Ccleaner tool but it is still there in System Restore on Windows 10.

Programs and Features:

Windows 10 shows 23 items but Ccleaner shows 63 items.  Ccleaner does not reflect all the apps and programs I uninstalled with Win10>Control Panel>Programs and Features.

I don’t think it matters or causes problems but wonder if this inconsistent report between Win10 and Cc is a known bug.

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Still wanting info on the inconsistacy between Windows 10 and Ccleaner System Restore tool.  I would like to remove some but not all restore points but I can't because while they are on Windows 10 System Restore they are not listed on Ccleaner tool.  Also I tried to remove one old RP two weeks ago using the Ccleaner tool but it is still listed on Windows 10 System Restore.

Does the Ccleaner tool not work anymore?

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