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Many times I have got annoyed by advertisement on websites and many times I have wished to get rid of them, but there are many methods that I have heard of but until recently I never tried anything.


I heard about the Adblock extension to Firefox couple of times, and then eventually I finaly tried it out and I am pleased with it. Now after have used it, perhaps for a week, maybe more, I cant understand how I ever lived without it. :)


That is why I have now decided to tell others about it. The adblock extension by itself dont remove any ads, after you installed the extension, you have to use some block rules with it (regex - regular expressions). Depending on how good your rules are, it block ads. It probably wont block 100% of all adds, but it can get rid of a big deal of them.


It can be downloaded from http://adblock.mozdev.org/


You can either write your own rules or you can use a set of third-party premade rules such as Filterset.G or any other filter sets.


I wrote the rules myself because the only filterset I was aware of was Filterset.G and whoever made that placed some restrictions to how it can be used, that I didnt like. And also it was little complex, and I thought I could make a set myself that was cleaner, and because I always like todo things myself, my own way. :)


Filters that I use...





So if you see lots of ads on websites and gets annoyed by them and would like to get rid of them then maybe you should try out something that get rid of them (such as Adblock), you will wonder how you ever lived without it.


Feels good to know that I dont need to put up with that crap anymore. :D


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Why Adblock over Adblock Plus? I've never heard a reason for this.


I had actually never even heard of Adblock Plus until this thread was created, but then again I don't go searching for FF extensions since I'm pretty much set using Adblock, Adblock Filterset.G Updater, IE Tab, and McAfee SiteAdvisor.


Adblock goes good with blocking ad sites in the HOSTS file.

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